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  • Accessible mass media for the people

    BlingTV will be committed to being involved in activities are which are exciting, inspirational, challenging, of high quality while being wholly educational.

    At any one time we will have several projects underway, with several projects being evaluated and new projects being planned and set up.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    TV is open to sponsorship opportunities to sponsor individual films made and broadcast on BlingTV. Sponsoring a programme allows you to maximise your visibility to your target audience by placing a series of short credit sequences, featuring your logo and a message, in and around a programme.

    Contact us today to discuss sponsorship possibilities.

  • About BlingTV

    At BlingTV, our aim is to give communities a voice, provide informative and relevant content to our target audience and be an accessible mass media for the everyone in the Liverpool area.

    Who are we?

    BlingTV is brought to you from Bling Studios in Liverpool.

  • Our mission...

    Our mission statement clearly outlines the aims and objectives of the BlingTV Community Television Station:

  1. Provide a TV platform to broadcast local interest programmes to the Liverpool communities
  2. Support local community groups, youth organisations and business in the production of quality local content for broadcast on the local channel.
  3. Actively encourage participation allowing communities to have a voice and enabling people to learn valuable skills in creative media technologies and the arts.
  4. Establish communication with local authorities and organisation to encourage participation and involvement in the Community TV Station.
  5. Work in partnership with organisations and local businesses to offer affordable advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


  • is an Internet TV Station offering broadband content, supporting the community.
  • is an innovative community television project run by Bling Studios.
  • will offer an Internet broadband television service to residents, businesses, community groups and the local authorities of Liverpool.
  • will show quality content which is relevant and of interest, produced by local individuals or groups covering local issues
  • will support the community in the production of even more quality content.
  • will actively encourage participation allowing communities to have a voice and enabling people to learn valuable skills in creative media and the arts.

Contribute and get involved...

Do you have an idea for a programme? BlingTV programming is community based. If you have a story, or an issue you thinks needs to be aired let us know.

We'd love to hear from:

  • Residents of Liverpool
  • Local community groups
  • Youth organisations
  • Anyone involved in arts and creativity